"I've enjoyed working with Michele Simard at Alta PT & Fitness. She and her staff have been very caring, professional and helpful. I'm convinced that exercise and the various treatments offered are key to achieving increased joint function. I think that Michele is a real "people person". I appreciate that quality very much and enjoy my therapy sessions. I get a positive feeling and encouragement to strengthen muscles that lead to increased mobility and more comfortable joint function." Arleen Cannon

"My PT was Ann Juntunen, and I instantly felt that she was a caring and skilled therapist. With each session, Ann explained what the treatments would do to improve my strength, balance and range of motion. She pushed and guided me to the limit, always with an encouraging manner. Therapy in the gym soon progressed to the swimming pool. Each session, Ann would be in the water with me, again explaining what each exercise would do to improve my knee. Contrary to what I had been told about "hating" therapists, I have a sincere appreciation for mine, both in the gym and the water. I have tried several other fitness facilities and programs, but I feel Alta was the best fit for me...to keep fit." Bev Townsend

"After tearing my rotator cuff in a skiing accident, I thought I would give up swimming and probably tone down my skiing too. But after my rehab at Alta PT & Fitness, I am back on the ski patrol and I have joined the Master's swim team! Thanks, Ann!" Edie Pinkham

"When I had hip and low back problems, I saw Kate for physical therapy. In six weeks, my severe pain had lessened to where I no longer needed pain pills. I was doing ok, but then I hurt my shoulder. I could not put on a shirt, reach for anything overhead or lie on my side. Kate started therapy for another 6 weeks. She got it loosened enough to raise my arm little by little, and eventually I could reach up to get dressed and do my hair without the pain. Kate got me back to my normal self." Jean O.

"Michele Simard is an amazing healer! Her medical background is comprehensive and highly skilled. Her years of experience give her expert perception and knowledge. Plus, Michele has that "extraordinary knowing" to understand and apply the fine-tuned gradients toward the fullest physical recovery possible. All she requires is a cooperative and willing patient. I am so grateful to have been under Michele's care as my physical therapist. I highly recommend Michele as Bozeman's top physical therapist!" Julie Wagner

"Ive been working with Kate a couple times a week for 3 months due to a pinched nerve in my back that was sending a sharp pain down my leg. After just a week, my pain had diminished and now it's gone. We're continuing to work on strengthening my back so this doesn't happen again. Kate has been wonderful to work with patient and pleasant at all times. I'd recommend her and Alta to anyone." Diane E.